What are Standards to select a Supplier for 3D POP-UP Card Business?

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    Paper Color is a Vietnamese handmade greeting cards manufacture, dealer, wholesaler. We make unique 3D pop-up card with inspirations of origamic and kirigami art work. The cards are designed and made by origamic and kirigami styles. Possessing the most professional developing teams, we can provide all types of card for both special and daily events such as Birthday, Holiday, Valentine, Mothers' day, New time, WEDDING INVITES, Bookmark and Name cards...

    Christmas time is considered to be the best time to sell 3D pop up Christmas cards. Indeed, on the given time, people use those cards for a lot of purposes such as gifting other folks, decor and making Holiday credit card collection. Understanding customer's style and pastimes will definitely bring revenue to the company. We wish to suggest some requirements for stores to choose an appropriate provider for 3D pop-up card.

    The Supplier's Capacity


    Capacity of distributor is the most critical factor that a merchant must consider prior to the act of collaboration. Think about you are a big retailer therefore you want to order a big quantity of a specific popup cards; however, your supplier's production capacity cannot meet such volume then obviously you would be move to other company where they have got larger capacity. This can waste a lot of your energy then you need to think about this matter beforehand.

    Work Environment of Seller's Employees


    At a expanding country like Vietnam, the labor cost generally is cheap and producer tend to retain the services of part time employee to avoid any protection under the law for his or her employees. This will minimize the trouble, as a result, decrease the price to entice customers. However, it is very unethical as everybody must be treated similarly and employed in good conditions. Before choosing a company, you need to look at the complete company including its office and manufacturing plant to ensure their employees are gladly doing their jobs.

    A wide Diversity of Products to provide


    Accept that it might be boring if you scroll down a company's website and discover nothing which could hold your attention for some time. Indeed, a proper supplier for 3D popup cards need to have diverse products in several categories. In addition, customer's tastes range a lot within the year and they hate looking at designs that they could find anywhere. The company's product needs to be unique enough to differentiate itself from other companies available in the market to meet customer's needs and requirements.

    Attractive Promotions


    Sales and campaign always catch the attention of people's attention which is also an integral criterium to judge a supplier. An excellent supplier are certain to get customers up to date by sending publication via email and, of course, by only checking the email, customers will have a specific view towards their supplier's advertising program and possibly a good campaign will contribute noticeably to a retailer's profits.

    Response time, lead time and delivery time


    This aspect is close to company's customer support. No enterprise or retailer needs to work with a firm with long response time and literally cannot meet the deadline for shipping and delivery the order. The right supplier gives customer a specific plan and timeline to help customer keep track of their order easily without any worries

    Paper Color hopes that article will help you to choose the best option dealer for your business, specifically in 3D pop up card industry.

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