Power Smokeless Grill with Tempered Glass Lid with Interchangeable Griddle Plate and Turbo Speed Smoke Extractor Technology

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Smokeless Grill

Not all grilling is created equal. So many of our summertime memories include an outdoor barbecue grill party in someone’s backyard. The pool is open, the drinks are cold, and your favorite ribs are smoking on the grill. Many companies are trying to recreate the same authentic barbecue taste by introducing an indoor grill that’s smokeless.

If you’re a tried and true barbecue lover, maybe you’ve wished you could bring the grill inside. These new electric grills let you do that – claiming to ‘virtually eliminate’ the smoke associated with a traditional BBQ grill. But what exactly is a smokeless grill, and in what ways is it better?

Smokeless Grill

A Smokeless Grill May Be Healthier

An indoor grill is meant to ‘virtually eliminate’ the harmful smoke that may cause problems for people breathing the air around it. Most indoor grills have a built-in fan that extracts any smoke from cooking. The amount of smoke that escapes into the air is greatly reduced.

Some people with asthma, sinus, and breathing problems see their problems worsen from exposure to charcoal, pellet, wood, or gas smoke, making barbecue grilling a health hazard. These types of smoke are often a major trigger for people who have trouble breathing, making already uncomfortable symptoms potentially dangerous. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has reported that charcoal grills create irritants in the air that ‘can also bring on an asthma episode…[bothering] inflamed, sensitive airways.’

The Power Smokeless Grill is one of the newer smoke-free tabletop grills released this year. Some features include:

Control Dial

Clean Up

Less Fat

Regulated Temperature

Getting the cooking temperature correct on your charcoal grill can be tricky. The medium-rare burgers you’re craving can end up grilled well done even if you’re following a barbecue grilling recipe. Or your pork chops are burned on the outside but raw on the inside. Ouch.

Time and temperature charts for meat and poultry can be difficult to follow because not every grill is as powerful as the next. The temperature of a charcoal grill is known to be difficult to control precisely.

Most of the newer smokeless grills heat up to an even, constant temperature across the grill surface. This promotes even cooking without burnt spots or rare centers.

Faster Meal Prep & Clean-Up

A traditional propane or charcoal grill takes a lot of time and effort. It’s well worth it, but using a smokeless grill cuts out most of the grill prep. With an electric grill, you just plug in the power cord and let it heat up. There’s no heavy charcoal bags or propane tanks.

And if you’ve ever soaked and scrubbed your grill grates, you know how much fun that is. Electric grill surfaces are often made with nonstick coating, and many are dishwasher safe.

Drip Tray Catches Excess Fat

When cooking on the Power Smokeless Grill, fat and oil drain away into the removable Drip Tray. Plus, Advanced Nonstick Coating means no added butter or oil is required.

Eric Theiss

electric indoor grill

The Grill’s Built-in Smoke Extracting Fan Virtually Reduces All Hot, Smoky Air!

The Power Smokeless Grill’s Turbo-Speed Smoke Extractor Technology sucks up smoke and odor back into the Grill with electric fans, and the Water Tray within the Grill absorbs the smoke.

  • Extra Large Grill Surface – Cooking Area 13.5″ X 8″
  • Non-Stick Interchangeable Grill & Griddle Plates
  • LED Smart Temperature Control – Adjustable up to 450° F
  • Heavy Duty Die-Cast Aluminum
  • Removable Parts- For Easy Cleaning
  • 1500 Watts

It’s a Grill and It’s a Griddle with Easy Interchangeable Plates

  • Turbo-Speed Smoke Extractor Technology: A built-in smoke-extracting fan claims to reduce virtually all hot, smoky air.
  • Grill/Griddle Combo: A flat grill surface is interchangeable with a griddle surface, which is best for eggs, pancakes, grilled paninis, and grilled cheese recipes.
  • Nonstick Grilling Surface: The nonstick surface is easy to clean up and helps delicate foods stay together instead of sticking or breaking. Food releases easily.
  • Glass Lid
  • Nonstick Grill and Griddle Plate
  • Heating Element with Detachable Power Cord
  • Drip Tray
  • Collection Pan/Water Tray
  • Base with Smoke Extractor


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